BIP BIH Start Your Business program gives basic support to adult unemployed persons who have business idea and want to start-up business/company.

Overall objectives of the program: To assist people in BIH to create new sustainable businesses (SMEs) and to establish jobs for themselves. To give them basic knoweledge and expirince in establishment and management of company.

Target groups: Young people age 18-35 and women (no age limits) who would like to test and relize their business idea.

Long-term goals:

  • Creation of innovative environment among youth population in BIH;
  • Development of self-esteem and readiness to take initiative and implement business idea and
  • Orientation to recongise opportunities offered by local community and readiness  to use them.

Start-up program in BIH

  • Gives basic support ot persons who have business idea and would like to start business. BIP is using innovative modules for training of potential entreprenurs which is an opportunitiy for free training in Business plan development.
  • Provides basic  financial support for business start-up through BIP Business Registration Fund.
  • Provides basic information on legal aspects of business registration, as well as available sources of funding at all levels.

Offers transferr of knoweledge and expirience of sucessfull entreprenurs to young entreprenurs.